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Monte Verità: A photo essay · 8 Juni 2011 by Medusa Cramer

Medusa Cramer Monte Verità
domizil 36, 2011
Limited-Edition Photographic Prints

The history of Monte Verità as one of the cradles of the modern movement is amply documented. The late exhibition curator Harald Szeeman – who died in 2005 – earned the hill (a magnet for reformers and revolutionaries) the recognition it deserved in 1978 with his exhibition “Le mammelle della verità” (the breasts of truth), which comprehensively documents the hill’s history. After Szeeman died, Monte Verità went quiet, with only the conference hotel still active on the hill. The weather and nature in the Ticino have since taken their toll on the historical artists’ huts and on Casa Anatta, the permanent home of Szeeman’s exhibition. I have embarked on a photographic inventory of the silent wilderness and the somewhat dismal present in a place without which several important European art, literature and alternative movements might never have taken shape or might have taken an altogether different course. I have assembled a selection of ten photographs, which are available as free downloadable pdf files and limited-edition photographic prints (30 copies).

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